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Edge parameter vs Vray Velocity pass


I am using:
  Forest pack pro 7.1.1
  vray next, update 3.2 (4.30.02 build 00001)
  3ds max 2020 latest update

Here's a head scratcher for you guys  ???

^ This is rendered from a static camera with nothing animated, so the velocity pass should be completely grey. the grass is respecting the Edge setting under the area rollout, but in the velocity pass the forest objects are lit up like Baghdad  :(

^ By setting the <[display] render> mode to meshes, this resolves the velocity issues on forest objects, perfectly fine for the hedges but the grass suddenly no longer respects the edge setting  >:(

Thanks for the great product, any ideas or workarounds would be much appreciated!

Hi. We can reproduce. We will investigate it.
Thanks for report.

Is there any chance that this is what
--- Quote ---- Fixed V-Ray Velocity channel
--- End quote ---
means in the new release (7.2.1) ?
We have some issues (Forest 6.3.1) where forest grass would get blurred if we used a velocitychannel render element
(because we used motionblur for OTHER objects)

Yes, this issue reported by EQ1174 is fixed with latest FP.


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