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Export to Unreal won't cast shadows


Hello, I am trying to export a system of plants to Unreal, I am using the tutorial that export boxes and then those are replaced with other geometry.
Everything works but then all the plants look with strange lighting, and they do not cast shadows.
If I click and drag the same object in the scene they look fine but when they are added to the forest system they won't cast shadows.

Your help is appreciated.

Paul Roberts:

Could you let us know which version of Unreal you're using and the type of lighting? I should add that the export of Forest to Unreal is handled by Epic Games using their own Datasmith plugin and I'm afraid I doubt there's much we can do on our side to fix any issues. It'd probably be worth asking this question of the Unreal Engine support team as well.


We are using Unreal 5.0.3 and the latest Forest version with 3DsMax 2022.
Honestly I never get any answer from Unreal team or the forum, sometimes some good samaritan answers me on some of the Discord I have signed up for the same reason.
But I understand, thanks.


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