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Follow Displace Surface (V-Ray) problem

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I have a forest for grass and other things on a terrain.
My terrain has a VRayDisplacement. This VRayDisplacement is a composite map with 2 maps and a vertex colour as a mask (see attachment).
I use Follow Displace Surface (V-Ray).
So far so good, but when I instantiate my composite card, the effect doesn't work. My grass doesn't follow my displaced surface.
If I just put in the map without the vertex colour mask, everything's fine.
Is this a limitation of this effect?

Another question:
Is it a problem if I use Texmap min: -1 / Texmap max: 1?


Best regards

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

You should avoid using the VRayTriplanarTex map. Once removed, it should work just fine. As for your second question, there's no problem with setting Texmap max to -1.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Thanks for your answer.

The fact is it work with triplnar but not with the vertex color mask.
It seems that the problem is more about that mask.
But I really need that mask !
Could you please, give me some advices ?


I found that topic*)/vraydistancetex-used-as-mask-for-displacement-not-working/
Is it the same issue ? is it similar in some way ?

I'm still struggling with this problem

i am stuck with the same problem.
i have uploaded a stripped down max file ( with wetransfer for you to look at. the forest items are not following my base surface as it distorts with displacement using a composite of 3 different vraydistance tex materials.


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