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Forest Crash on save


I have a file that I'm working on that every time I create a forest object and press CTRL+S to save the file, Max crashes instantly.

If I don't create any forest object, and just keep working, everything is fine. I can save, save as, reset, load.

But if I create a forest object and try to save. Crash. See attached video for example.

I can share the scene (but only for a developer).

Max 2021 and Forest 7.1.2


Please send us the minidump file generated on crash. It helps us to identify the problem.

If possible, scene the scene as well. You can send both privately as described here.

Hey Carlos! Thanks for the reply.

Here's the minidump

I'll send a link to that email to the file and associated assets.


Hi, thanks for the files.

We tried in a couple of workstations, but could not reproduce the problem using your scene.
It could be caused by something specific to your configuration (i.e. we have not TyFlow)

Anyway, checking the minidump, i see it crashes in a process used to clean the Forest template layer, when scene is saved.
For some reason, Max is sending a null reference to the plugin. Theorically this should not happen.

So i added a checking in the code, to handle this null reference and avoid the crash.
I will send you a custom patch by e-mail. I hope it works.


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