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Forest loads very slow and can´t find object in scource scene



maybe someone can help.
If i create a Forest object and load a preset it takes a long time to load and i get the info message, that an object can not be found in scource scene. please see the image.
we use network floatig licences.


Michal Karmazín:

I'm sorry to hear you're facing these troubles. If that happens to any of the "bundled presets", I would suggest you reinstall the problematic package in the following way from the Update Manager:

* If you cannot see installed packages, Go to the View menu and select Installed Packages.
* Click on the i icon for the package you'd like to "remove"
* From the Details Dialog, click Uninstall.
* Hit the Install button on the bottom of the Update Manager.If the problem persists and if possible, please feel free to send us your scene and we'll check it here.

Best regards,


many thanks for your feedback. i will try your advices and come back if it works....and surely if not. :-)




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