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Author Topic: Forest Pack 7.0.5: 3ds Max Scene Explorer disappears when rendering  (Read 540 times)


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Hey :)

I just updated my Forest Pack to version 7.0.5. When I tried out the new light scattering the 3ds Max Scene Explorer window disappeared. I´m working with 3ds Max 2020 and the latest version of VRay. What I can say so far is:

- Adding the Forest Pack 7 icon to the scene works.
- Adding a VRayLight to the scene works. Everything is rendering and the 3ds Max UI stays where it should.
- Changing the "Distribution-mode" to "Path" works.
- Rendering with no geometry but the path selected works.
- But when I add a VRayLight to the geometry rollout in Forest pack and then start rendering (no matter if with IPR or normal), the Scene Explorer disappears.

I noticed that normal geometry works. I just added a box to the geometry rollout and the UI remains where it it and it renders nicely. The lights themselves are rendering when I add them to the geometry list. It´s just the 3ds Max UI which is then messed up. And when I remove the light again from the geometry rollout and hit IPR, the UI still disappears. I need to remove the ForestPack Object completely from the scene and create a new one for the UI to stay.

Edit: Unfortunately a complete new installation of both Railclone and Forest Pack didn´t solve the issue...
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Re: Forest Pack 7.0.5: 3ds Max Scene Explorer disappears when rendering
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It could have been a needed step to save max from crashing when scattering lights.
We will check if this can be avoided.