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Forest Pack 7.4.2 Crashes with V-Ray 6 Beta


Forest Pack 7.4.2 crashed out of 3ds Max when you try to render using Vray 6 Beta.

3ds Max 2022.3
V-Ray 6 Beta

Paul Roberts:
Hi, thanks for the report. Are you able to send a minidump file to It'll help us to diagnose the cause.



Hey just a quick reply, I tested 3 times real quick and have moved onto a project right now.  But you can easily replicate this, just create flat plane and scatter a teapot onto it. That should crash max instantly.

Same configuration works fine in our test scenes. Probably something is wrong in your installation.

Please, try this:

- Be sure there are not ForestVRay???.dll files in your Max root folder. If any, delete them.
- Same for forestpackpro.dlo in the 'plugins' folder.
- Reinstall FP 7.4.2. With this version, all plugins files are installed at C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ForestPackPro2022 (that changed from previous releases).

If it continues crashing, please send us the minidump to check it.


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