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Hi all,
  I have strange problem with one of our computers.

 It uses Forest Pack 7.1.2/3dsmax 2022 with windows 10, and when for the first time in a file, the Library browser is opened it takes few minutes. On second attempt in that file it is as it should less then 1 sec. In same environment but on other PCs there is no such problem.

Any suggestions what is the problem?
Reinstalling FP does not solve it. Cant see any difference from the other PCs where it works.
Could it be user rights ?

Thank you,

Michal KarmazĂ­n:
Hi Dobromir,

I'm sorry to hear that you're facing these troubles. Do you have these libraries stored on the local hard drive or on some network drive? Also, if you've mapped any "additional libraries" besides our bundled content, would you mind temporarily removing these paths from the Library Browser (under the File > Preferences > Library Paths section) to see if there's any difference?

Thank you in advance for any further comments on this issue that you can share with us or our user community (in case some user(s) run into similar troubles).

Best regards,

Hi Michal,
 Thank you for your suggestions. We found that it was a windows user permissions issue.
The thing is that it was behaving a bit strangely. It will be good to have some list of user permissions specification that needs to be in place, as in corporate environment we cant have the windows user just being admin.

Do you know for such list of files/folders or registry settings we need to have in mind so FP and RC performs as desinged ?

Thank you,


Really Forest or RailClone dosn't require any specific permissions. Everything runs under 3DS Max, which uses permissions of the current Windows user.

Perhaps there was some custom library path, not accessible to the Windows user ?  The default libraries are installed in a folder with user permissions.


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