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Forest Pack with Vray HDRI Exclude Forest Issue



My scenes tend to feature a number of forest objects. I have tried to use 2 vray Hdri dome lights within the scene, one to light the whole scene and one only for the forest objects. The issue I am having is that the dome light will not exclude the forest objects from the light. It seems that I can do this on any other type of object but not forest ones.

The same is happens with Railclone objects.

Is this an issue with Itoo or Vray?

Any suggestions would be great.


Michal KarmazĂ­n:
Although in my quick tests, excluding just the Forest object works just fine in V-Ray 6 Update 2, depending on the render engine used (and its release), it might be necessary to add related Custom Objects to the "Exclude list" as well.

Thank you in advance for any further comments on this issue that you can share with us or our user community (in case some user(s) encounter similar issues).

Best regards,

Hi Michal

Thanks for the response. I think I have solved the problem. It seems that if you use the forest pack preset for grass, in this case I have used Layered_Lawns - Grass Base Layer 4 Large, you can not exclude this from a light.

I have found the work around to moving the reference objects from the preset onto a new layer and keeping this layer turned on when rendering. If I turn the layer off the grass is no longer excluded from the light.

Seems to be an issue either with forest pack or vray


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