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Ouch, sorry, I thought that the Dump files were attached:

1 is from the Test Scene I record (Vray IPR Crash)
2 is from the Scene that Im working on (Brick House)

Hope this help

According the minidumps, you're using one of the V-Ray nightly builds (
And both crashes seem to happen at VRender2024.dll, which is one of the V-Ray files.

Unfortunately, these files changes daily and i don't know what exact build do you use.
We need to install the same version, to analyze the minidump correctly.

Please, do this:

a) If you need to use the nightly build:

- Download the latest build.
- Take note of the build date, which is displayed in the chaos site.
- Try to reproduce the problem again, and send us an updated minidump.

b) If you prefer to go back to a stable release.

- Download the latest stable version.
- Check if the problem continues. If so, send us a new minidump.

If problems happens in the V-Ray side, we must send the minidumps to them, with this information.


Sorry I only put the Vray nightly build but not the date, well it doesnt matter, I tried again with the latest stable version of 6.2 and also update ForestPack to 8.2.6 and 3ds Max to 24.2.1 and the error still occurs, here is the minidump, hope this helps.

Thanks. We just sent the minidump to ChaosGroup, because latest crash point is on the V-Ray side.
I will post here as soon as we have more information.

Chaos team almost identified where is the problem, but they need to reproduce the crash locally.
They tried with a simple scene as you shown in the video, and following exactly your steps, but problem was not reproducible. I must add, i cannot reproduce it here either.

Please, would you send us your scene ? May be there is something different which we are missing.



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