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Title: ForestPro Preset plants far too big!!
Post by: Lars Egerrup / LKE Design on April 09, 2013, 01:06:16 PM
After having installed the new version 4 of the amazing ForestPro, I began to play a little around with the new preset library (super cool) - however some of the plants in the library are far too big, at least to my knowledge.

Take the Daisy presets, the base plants are almost 40 cm tall - and when I lookup the plant in various plant encyclopedias, they say that they normally doesn't extend more than 15 cm in height.

The White Clover presets are even worse. The diameter of a single trifolium leafe (3 leaves) _fp_white_clover_single02 is 13 cm and are 30 cm tall!!!! Some mutant white clovers, if you ask me!!

The leaves of the cut grass are also looking quite big  - especially if you compare it to the common grass.

In order to document my "claim" - and as a reference for me,  I have made a test render gallery of all the shipped presets seen from 3 different cameras. C01 is looking in mans height same direction as the sun, Cam02 - mans height against the sun, Cam03 placed against the sun 30 cm above ground.
I have placed a garden bench and table to give some comparable scale to the scene.
Don't mind the intersection of some of the forest objects with the elements in the scene  - it was not meant to be pretty - rather informative  - and not too work consuming.

The test render gallery can be found here:


Lars Egerrup
LKE design
Title: Re: ForestPro Preset plants far too big!!
Post by: iToo on April 09, 2013, 04:15:28 PM

You're absolutely right, some of the plants have not a correct scale. We will fix them for next updates.

I apologize by the inconveniences. Thank you for reporting the problem.