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Author Topic: How can I fill the earth surface of a plant pot with mulch (without overspill) ?  (Read 178 times)

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I'm lucky if I get to use FPP a few times a year, so when I do something like put mulch onto the earth surface inside a common plant pot, and it seeps over like the attached image show, I cannot work out why.

I did click on Edge (Ctrl-click) and that does indeed change the shape of the mulch, but it hardly conforms to the surface of the object anyway.  I've also added a spline to restrict where it is to be included.....

(incidentally, whenever I've Cntrl-Clicked on Edge for something like grass, i.e. to get nice clean edges, I have gotten better results)

Is it because the clump of mulch geometry is simply too big for the relatively small area it is being asked to cover ?

Please can someone help me overcome this rookie error I often find myself having.

Many thanks. 


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Try scaling the mulch geometry down, in the Geometry section OR if you're feeling adventurous, recreate smaller clumps of mulch, using the original geometry of the presets.

In my opinion however, this specific usage of mulch, in a small plant pot, using Forest Pack, is kind of over kill. Maybe a decent soil texture and a displacement map, would be better suited to that task. I rarely use the mulch presets and if I have a small area of what is required to have planting  and need s to look like soil/compost, I prefer to use a simple texture or maybe a bland of two or three and displace the surface with a noise texture or displacement map. produce some incredibly useful soil and ground textures but with a bit of patience, you can produce perfectly usable soil textures, for no cost at all.

Hey you could even render a large area of mulch, from directly above and save that as a map and if you know your way around the render engines render elements, maybe even a very usable displacement map too.

By the way, I am not saying don't use Forest Pack, the latest v7 is insane, I'm loving the new functinality and the hedges presets are definitely one of the most useful additions in my workflow. The number of gardens I have had to create, plus surrounding, landscapes, fields, woodland etc., has certainly given this amazing plugin a work out. I just think the use of the mulch preset, for adding soil to a small plant pot, is maybe not the best solution.

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Thanks for your advice FC1888, as someone who doesn't use FPP as much as I'd love to, it's finally dawning on me 'how it works' :)   Yes, it doesn't seem to be the right application for such a small surface area - better for larger areas, where the clumps of geometry can work.

And yes, I agree, v7 looks amazing!