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Frost/snow on top of cut hedges

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Hi All

I'm wondering if this is possible as the leaves are not one object & while I suspect my method is working it's affecting the entire scatter rather than the top only (masked with a gradient map).

I can make snow/ice appear on the top most polys of a tree using the Z-world falloff (towards/away) & a gradient map (as mapped source) (See example image attached).
But because the cut hedges are multiple objects scattered it doesn't work the same.

Is there a way I can achieve frosty leaves on only the top using a gradient or other method?
Hope this poor explanation is sufficient.

Best regards

Michal Karmazín:
Hi Chris,

It should work in a very similar way for hedges as well. A possible setup would be to use the Planar from World XYZ mapping for the Gradient map to target only the top. I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Hi Michal

I'm unable to replicate using the cut hedge materials.
Would you be able to provide an example?


Michal Karmazín:
Hi Chris,

Sure, please find attached a sample scene (IcyHedges_iToo.max), and the used material (IcyHedges_iTooMat.mat) showing the possible setup. I hope that helps.

Best regards,

As always itoo goes above & beyond to accommodate their customers.

Many thanks Michal.


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