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Hello to everyone...First post


This is my first post, I have been experimenting with FP Lite for a few weeks and I am excited with this easy and fast and *VERY* low poly plugin. I am an engineer from Greece,  99% of my work is exterior renderings and FP is a great tool for me... I use Maxwell and  products like ONYX or SPEEDTREE or ... (whatever) are great but the polycount is a big problem.
With FP, almost everything is solved. I sometimes add a 3d tree if it is very close to the camera but all the background plants are with FP.
I just got my FPpro, I will send a small sample.

Hi, welcome to the forum. 

If you need help using the plugin or have some questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here or by email  ;)

Thank you...


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