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How do i disable the search for Update Manager?


I have a large network and my plugins are not installed, they are unpacked to a central location plus some other little tricks like reg merges and junctions to make them work.
The latest version doesn't seem to care that the registry key has auto updates disabled and is constantly bugging users with errors about Update Manager not being found.
Is there a way to stop that behavior?

Thank you!

Paul Roberts:

Thanks for the message. To get a few obvious things out of the way first of all, can you confirm that you are using the following key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Itoo Software\Update Manager\Preferences\Check For Updates=false

This key can also be overridden with an environment variable as follows ITOO_SOFTWARE_UPDATE_MANAGER_PREFERENCES_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES which might be worth checking


Roger on the reg key (always had and it seemed to work before).
Negative on the environment key, none of my machine have it.

We have double checked it, in a couple of workstations and testing the code with the debugger.
But everything seems correct. As far as this key exists, Update Manager is not launched. I don't know what may be the problem.

Please, can you confirm you're using FP 7.1.2 ?
If possible, please send us screenshots both of the message error, and the registry key. Just to be sure it's correct.


totally my bad :)
i cloned a lot of the machines and since the key is for current user, it didn't exist on them once the actual end users were logged in

Appreciate your help!!!


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