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Title: HQ Catalog 124 fails to load HQ Grass in FPP 4.0.1 ?
Post by: TE1936 on February 21, 2013, 07:55:53 AM
After I installed the 401 update and the HQ Catalog 124 I have problems loading My HQ Grass..

Ive configured the path by clicking on grass thumbnail..  The watermark from the thumbs dissapear, so I guess the path is correct..
When I restart Max and try to apply the HQ grass from the library I still get the thumbnails (HQ Catalog) but when I click on a model (thumb) nothing happens.. (Its not listed under my geometry list)??

Thank you for a fine program! :)


I figured it out!
I moved the HQ Grass library on my local drive from the network server and it worked nicely :)