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Image Motion Blur Problem with FP Trees


Mike Truly:

I can't remember if I've had this problem before.  I have rendered an animation with Image Motion Blur applied to a scene and the FP trees are fine on one frame and mega-blurred on the next.  This produces a strobing effect where the animation will be fine for a while then there will be a freak frame and then fine again.

Should I NOT be using Image Motion Blur on the trees?  The attached images are two frames that are right next to each other (of course you can see the difference).



Yes, there is some problem with Motion Blur and Forest. By now, disable the effect for the Forest objects... i will ask to Autodesk about this.

Mike Truly:
Thanks for the info Carlos.  I am now rendering without IMB and will try to apply IMB in the compositing stage as see how that works instead of IMB in MAX render.

Thanks again.


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