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Hi there,

how can i prevent FP to add all the local paths to 3ds max external paths?

When i download all with updater he saves everything in c:\users\++++\appdata\local\itoosoftware
So i copied "Forest Pack Pro" folder to my networkstorage and add path in the Library Browser and delete the default path.

But everytime i start max all the default paths are back.
And what is with "distmaps" folder? Is this only working locally?

What would be the correct approach to have the library and all maps on my NAS?

Thx a lot,

Michal Karmazín:
Hi Mario,

First, let me mention, that the plug-in is looking for these assets under paths stored within the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Itoo Software\Forest Pack Pro\LibraryDir

and I would suggest you check this “Installing ForestPack 6 assets in a shared network path” tightly related post regarding the recommendable path configuration.

When the Forest Pack plug-in is loaded, it's checking if these paths exist, but if you want to disable this feature, you can set the checkTexturePaths = 0 in the forestpack.ini configuration file located by default at:

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Thx a lot.
The key was alright.

But I found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Itoo Software\Forest Pack Pro\TexturePaths there where all paths stored,
local and network ones...
I deleted all local ones, then the distmaps where not found anymore

Maybe i should make a clean install according to your recommended post :)


It seems to work now. But when i look in the asset tracker its like asset_tracking_01

I have to make the paths absolute, then it seems to work out... (asset_tracking_02)

Do i miss something?

Michal Karmazín:

Well, if it says Found in the Asset Tracking tool for these textures, there shouldn't be any problem with it (although it's not showing the folder). That said, generally, we recommend resolving all references to absolute UNC paths. It's not necessary, but usually, this way you avoid any texture path issues while using distributed rendering.

Best regards,


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