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Title: Is it possible?
Post by: BT4215 on March 26, 2021, 07:02:59 PM
Hi all,

I'm creating a modular walkway with Railclone Pro (similar to the New York High Line). I need to change the path when necessary to create different shapes.
I've created also a Forest pack Pro object for the pedestrians, they follow the same path. When I curve the walkway the people follow accordingly.

Now I need to distribute the pedestrains along this path. How can I do it? Whe I tweak the random XY positions the pedestrians don't follow the path anymore, it's like the xy transformations don't follow the vector direction. Then X transformations become Y, it depends on how the curve is oriented.

Also I have some trees following some holes in the walkway. How can I shift all the trees along the path?
Is it possible to perform this transformation?

Title: Re: Is it possible?
Post by: Rokas on March 29, 2021, 07:47:02 AM
We would love to help, but it is hard to give any tips without seeing Your scene setup.
If You attached a simplified max file with Your setup so far we could examine it and give You some advises.

Please use this form  ( to contact us if You can't attach files publicly.
Also You can use WeTransfer ( to link large files.