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Author Topic: Linked Xref scene bug II  (Read 5670 times)


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Linked Xref scene bug II
« on: November 24, 2017, 10:51:33 AM »

there are again issues with linked xref scenes. I've been reporting a similar problem a while ago here:

The situation now (FP 5.4.1) got worse. To reproduce:

  • in a new scene create a forest object
  • scatter some plane template
  • set "Auto assign to active view" in Camera rollout and "Apply to Look-At"
  • save scene as "File2_Xref.max"
  • create another scene
  • create a dummy object
  • xref scene File2_Xref.max saved at (4)
  • link File2_Xref.max to the dummy ("Bind" in xref scenes dialogue)
  • rotate dummy
  • create a (free) camera, change viewport to it and move around: seems ok
  • save the scene as "Root_scene.max"
  • reload the root scene to get the mess

The scene then in this state does not even allow you to create a new working ForestObject - the strangest things happen.

I had another scene where I merged some xrefed and linked scenes containing ForestObjects and as a result the Look-At was 90 deg. off. The xref scene was linked to a dummy which was rotated 90 deg - I'm not able to find any workaround, the scene got unusable.

Working with ForestPro and linked xref scenes seems to be impossible right now.

Good Luck
Max2016/SP4 | Forest Pro 5.4.1

BTW: When pressing the help button inside the "General" rollout of a forest object you get a 404...


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Re: Linked Xref scene bug II
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2017, 11:04:20 AM »

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I could problem the problem here.

It happens because the objects stored in the "forest_templates" layer. These are used as templates for billboards.
When a new Forest object is created, the plugin checks if templates already exists in the layer to use them. If not, they are generated.

In this case, when main scene is loaded, templates already exists in XRef''d scene... but rotated because the dummy bind. Forest cannot handle them correctly, causing the geometry artifacts.

It can be fixed forcing to regenerate the templates in the main scene, not in the XRef'd. In this way:

1) Open the XRef scene.
2) Using the Layer Explorer, select all "_forest_template_" items in the "forest_templates" layer, and delete them.
3) Taking care to not edit any FP object (if not, templates would be recreated), save the scene.
4) Open the main scene, select any FP object and click "Update All" from the Display rollup.

Please note this problem doesn't happen with standard objects, only with billboards.

I hope that helps. I also reported the 404 error to our webmaster. He will fix it as soon as possible.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software