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Title: Merging forest pack between scenes
Post by: MN3180 on November 27, 2012, 11:24:32 PM

I am searching for a definitive method for merging forest packs between scenes. I have an extremely large and complex scene with many forest packs. The forest packs I need to extract to a new scene are created on multiple surfaces, using multiple area paints, with some custom editing on top. The distributed geometry consists of Vray proxy objects brought in through my own custom forest library.

I need certain elements of the forest packs merged into a separate scene to create masks for some post effects.

I have tried to merge the forest object, and bring through the base geometry and merge, but it doesn't come in, if I re-link the base geometry I guess I will lose my custom edits and it will be useless.

Hope you can help!


Title: Re: Merging forest pack between scenes
Post by: iToo on November 27, 2012, 11:59:03 PM

Theorically should not be problems merging Forest object between scenes, but due to the large number of external references, it is necessary to double check that all referenced objects are merged as well.

I suggest to enable "Display Influences" and "Select Influences" in the Merge dialog, so Max select automatically all linked elements.

What is the result if you merge using this procedure in an empty scene ?