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Title: Multi Texturing
Post by: LR1243 on June 12, 2008, 03:45:38 PM
OK been using this program for two years but Forest pack 2. New job got them to purchase this for me and now I can't figure out how to use the new materials in 3. I can't get the library to work to add new textures. The library has been the only way I figured how to have multiple textures. The other way is using the Forest Material 3 I believe and i make that in my material window and can only see one. So I'm not sure what I'm doing and how to use this program right now. I've seen the post's here and read through and tried some but it must be just out of my grasp cause I'm still confused on it.

So question is......what should I try? What's the best way for me to go about getting multiple textured trees into my scene then? We bought a nice pack of trees I'd like to use (not that the ones in the library are bad or anything)....any thing? Sent and email with my material tree to show how I mad the texture, just waitingon a reply but maybe this is faster....
Title: Re: Multi Texturing
Post by: iToo on June 12, 2008, 05:25:33 PM
Ok, i will try to explain how Forest 3 uses the materials. First, copying some text from the documentation:

Material: In Forest, there is a big difference in comparison with the standard assignment of materials in 3DS. The material is NOT applied to the object, using the Material Editor, but selected as a parameter in the Geometry rollout, using the "Material" pick button.

Let me clarify this point: as we may create different types of trees in a single Forest object, and an object may only have a material assigned... is necessary to use Multi-Materials for Forest. To simplify the process of creating them, Forest does this job automatically. It collects all the Materials defined in the Geometry List, builds a Multi-Material and assigns it to itself.

An example of how to use it:

1.- Create a material 'tree1' with your own tree textures on the Material Editor. Use "Forest Material" plugin as base
2.- Create one more material: 'tree2'
3.- Create a Forest object. Using the "Modify" panel open the "Geometry" rollout
4.- You may define different types of trees using the "Geometry List", each one use its own material. This is selected with the "Material" pick button. Use it to assign "tree1" to the "default" item
5.- Add other item to the tree List, assign "tree2" material to it.

As you can see, the materials are not assigned to Forest as other 3DS objects, but using the "Material" property for each type of tree. Is not needed to use multi-materials as Forest 2, because Forest 3 builds automatically it own multi-material (and assign itself).

Why we use this method ? Because is the only way that a single tree (not the full Forest object) may use multiple materials (yes, you can assign multi-materials to the "Material" property). This is very flexible to use complex tree models or custom objects. In Forest 2, a single tree may use only a material ID.

About the Library Browser: is used to assign more easily all parameters for each type of tree (getting them from the libraries), but really you don't need to modify it for using your own textures. If you want to customize the Library Browse, you must edit some files as described here:

However, for the next release we will include a Library editor. Add your own models or convert libraries from "Planes Material" will be a trivial task.

Title: Re: Multi Texturing
Post by: LR1243 on June 12, 2008, 06:19:41 PM
I'm sorry I'm still not getting it. I read through the documentation and it says yes you got rid of the "randomize" button for the multi texturing. I attached my texture tree from my material window for you to see how its set up. What I got from your message was under the 'geometry' tab you have is a 'probability' and just under that a 'material' slot.....and thats where I place the texture? But it wont drag and drop to there and if I go assign it through my map browser then the actual tree planes in my scene dissipier and it still wont randomize it. I love forest Pack 2 and your products I'm just having a hard time with the new set up...sure I'm just missing one small step some how.

one more time here what i do

1. material editor..... change my standard to multi/sub
2. 1st material slot I change my standard to a Forest Mat 3
3. base mat i choose one of my own textures
4. I make a 2nd material the same way in slot #2
5. I make a spline and under the geometry tab select itoo and use the forest pack 3 to select the spline
6. I select the tree planes and in my mat editor I drag my made material over to the planes (what Forest Pack 2 did, but then I can hit randomize for the 2 textures to random the planes)

So I must my messing up that #6 step....??
Title: Re: Multi Texturing
Post by: iToo on June 12, 2008, 06:57:35 PM

You don't need to use multi/sub materials... use a single "Forest Material" for each item on the "Geometry List".

The "Material" slot, and all parameters included in the "Properties" box:  type of geometry (Disabled/Template/Custom), width, height, z offset,  center disp., probability and material are defined locally for each item selected from the list.

The randomness is done not only changing the material ID as Forest 2, but taking a random element from the Geometry List, and creating a tree with all these properties. So, you would create a Forest with these types of trees:

Sample Tree 1: width: 2, height: 3, geometry: one plane, prob: 30%, material: 'tree1'
Sample Tree 2: width: 4, height: 8, geometry: two planes, prob: 70%, material: 'tree2'

Where 'tree1' and 'tree2' are "Forest Material 3", not multi/sub.

And don't drag and drop any material to the object, because you overwrite the multi/sub material that Forest creates for itself. Use the "Material" slot, picking them from the material editor.

We would create a Videotutorial to show how to use materials, but we will need time to complete it...

Title: Re: Multi Texturing
Post by: LR1243 on June 12, 2008, 07:27:23 PM
Ok so now it makes perfect sense to me and I'm making it work right now. I didn't under stand that you all totally got rid of the old way like that. Been doing the multi/subs for so long hard to get that out of the head ya know? Cool thanks!! 27 mile long scene is lookin way better now...... I'll make sure to get you all an image or two when the project wraps up....Thanks!!!