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Title: Node Based Workflow?
Post by: EI3056 on April 12, 2021, 09:12:16 AM

are there any plans to make ForestPack node-based in the future?
I´m pretty sure you have have at least thought about this already :)

I really like how RailClone works and would be more than happy if ForestPack would have a similar workflow.
I´m an long-time ForestPack user and honestly I´m kinda struggling with the current workflow.
Even for a basic meadow for example, I end up with a lot of Forest Objects (grass, flowers, weed,..). This makes it cumbersome to select, adjust and copy.

It would be awesome if we had something similar to generators in RC for each Forest Object.
We could reuse the same Inputs (Surface, Objects, Splines) and replace/adjust them where needed.
Everything would be much cleaner and easier to understand.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts about it.

Title: Re: Node Based Workflow?
Post by: Rokas on April 12, 2021, 10:00:33 AM
We have no plans to include a node workflow in ForestPack.
That would require to rewrite everything from scratch.