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Author Topic: Installing on render slaves  (Read 3719 times)

Richard Birket

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Installing on render slaves
« on: May 25, 2011, 06:18:43 PM »
There have been a few updates to forestpro lately. Each time I have manually logged into each render slave, stopped the vray service, installed the FP plugin, then restarted the vray service. Is there a quicker way? This is a real PITA! ;-)
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Re: Installing on render slaves
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2011, 08:51:59 PM »

Yes, the render nodes don't require any configuration, only to have the plugin's files updated in their respective folders. The files used by Forest are listed here:

In the past i have used a script file (.BAT or .CMD) to automatize the updating process. You would it as template for your installation:

@echo off
pskill -t \\itoo2 vrayspawner90.exe
rem the following is used to delay 3 sec.:
ping -n 3 localhost > nul

copy /D c:\3dsmax9-64\plugins\ForestPackPro.dlo \\itoo2\3dsmax9-64\plugins
copy /D C:\3dsmax9-64\mentalray\shaders_autoload\include\FShader3.mi \\itoo2\3dsmax9-64\mentalray\shaders_autoload\include
copy /D C:\3dsmax9-64\mentalray\shaders_autoload\shaders\FShader3.dll \\itoo2\3dsmax9-64\mentalray\shaders_autoload\shaders
copy /D C:\3dsmax9-64\ForestVRay150sp2.dll \\itoo2\3dsmax9-64
copy /D C:\3dsmax9-64\ForestVRay150sp3.dll \\itoo2\3dsmax9-64
copy /D C:\3dsmax9-64\ForestVRay20.dll \\itoo2\3dsmax9-64

It uses a Windows utility (pskill), which allows to kill any process in remote computers. You can get it from here:

For RailClone the required files are these (same location as Forest):

plugin: RailclonePro.dlo
VRay shader: RailCloneVRay150sp2.dll, RailCloneVRay150sp3.dll and RailCloneVRay20.dll
Mental Ray shader: RCShader.mi and RCShader.dll

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software