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Title: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: Tengiz on March 25, 2015, 05:40:09 PM
Hello! I have some problem with the following: I need to make a flower-bed. There are 6 types of flowers to be used. For each type there are 6 models. I tried to use Match Color ID on Map and made different color for each type of flowers. But a problem  appered. Forest Pack places only one model from each type and ignores the others.

Then I desided to place the models using Custom Edit. But in this case I can or place only one model which I've chosen either place one model occasionally from all the models. There is no opportunity to use the group of models in such a way that that they are chosen randomly and are mixed within the group. And this random and mixing within the group is what I actually need.
I know that groups can be used in placing objects, but they work quite differently. Forest Pack places the group as one object without mixing models within the group.

When I saw Match Color ID on Map, I was very glad as I thought that it would be convenient to use this function in making Flower-beds. But because of the limitation "one color - one model" I couldn't use it.
As a result I need to make many splines for each type of plants and to choose models within each spline to be placed. It's no problem if I have to make only one flower-bed. But it's extremely inconvenient for large territories.
Title: Re: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: Michal Karmazín on March 25, 2015, 06:11:13 PM

For these purposes, would be a good option to define multiple Areas (in your case six). Each of these Areas will use just selected models (Select models - Pick), having the distribution managed by its own Distribution Map (in my example it's a Composite map which allows you masking, blending layers etc.).

Please feel free to check attached scene showing possible set up (in my case just for three "groups", but the scheme will be very similar for any number of Areas needed). Hope that helps.

Kind regards,
Title: Re: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: Tengiz on March 25, 2015, 07:34:17 PM
I know this method. The main problem is that it's impossible to place the objects according the picture on the ground. File is attached. Furthemore it's absolutely inconvenient when you have lot's of plants. For a better understanding here is an attached file with a standart collection of plants for a visualization of some housing estate. Usually it's about 6-7 types of bush for inner yards, 8-12 types of flowers for flower-beds, 6-8 types of trees + 4-5 types of bush, that are placed between trees. Some of them can be combined, but as a result I need to make from 20 to 30 splines, and it takes much time. I tried to work like that - that was horrible.
The method which you advised is shenanigan. Is there any other workable method without black magic?
Title: Re: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: Michal Karmazín on March 26, 2015, 11:11:08 AM

Thanks for provided screenshots. In your case, I would suggest to use a slightly different work-flow - to create multiple Forest objects (for each type of vegetation) and mask its distribution.

By looking at your models, the previous example (one Forest object with multiple Areas using just selected models) isn't ideal for this purpose, as the Transform (Translation, Rotation, Scale) settings are shared. I must admit, the Composite map construction was in provided scene overcomplicated, but I was meant just to show it's masking / mixing possibilities. Please note, any map can be used as the Distribution Map (like previously prepared bitmap and so on).

Anyway, previously advised work-flow wouldn't be so flexible, when the size of vegetation differ and by splitting these items into several Forest objects you can control these Transform values individually.

Kind regards,
Title: Re: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: Tengiz on March 26, 2015, 10:06:09 PM

Thank you for your reply.

In fact I have lot's of forest objects. A screenshot is attached for better understanding. There is no unified system for editing distribution zones of various types of trees. Yet it would be great to have it as a color bitmap.

Unfortunately Distribution Map can't be binded to concrete coordinates. As a result my bitmap for distribution doesn't coinside with the map of distribution of objects.
The most convenient way turned out to be Placing in Custom Edit using Random. For the objects that I want to place I set Probability=100, for the others=0. But this is quite inconvenient too.
I have a request to consider the opportunity of making groups within forest pack. Or to make the opportunity to use one color for several objects within function Match Color ID on Map.

The similar request has already been at this forum:
, so I'm not the first person who has such problems.
Title: Re: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: iToo on March 27, 2015, 09:06:52 AM
Hi, i've added your suggestion to the wishlist. I think it should not be problem to randomize models with the same color ID.

Regarding groups, i'm afraid it's not possible to change the way it works now. We tried that some time ago (when we introduced support for groups), but there were major issues so the idea was discarded.
Title: Re: Problem with Match Color ID on Map
Post by: Tengiz on March 27, 2015, 07:39:35 PM
Thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to making changes in the next version.