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question - hard to put into words... creating a forest object for bushes


hello.  hard to put into words, and maybe railclone is the better solution?  what i'm trying to do is, place 1 bush per small square plane (or circle) which are converted to editable polys.

i have 4 bushes and i would like to put them at different areas around a building and in the parking lot islands.  towards the building i'd like to groups of 4 bushes, but in the islands, only 2.

my thought was (see screen shot) to create a single edit poly object with any number of faces and each face could be 1 of the 4 bushes, randomly.  it's like i took a bunch of dinner plates and placed them as place holders around the building and then put a bush on each one.  does that make sense?

the screen shot shows 4 of the "dinner plates" but i would like to go into sub-object mode and create more "plates" and move them about.

i think what i'm seeing is that sometimes some bushes show up and sometimes more than one shows up - depending on the density.


EDIT: maybe that's the answer just shrink down the individual poly faces so that only 1 bush shows up.  but hopefully there is still some randomness to which of the 4 bushes it uses?

Paul Roberts:
This sounds to me like a job for Reference distribution mode. It works by placing a bush in the center of a triangle on a reference surface. You could create your "plates with different numbers of triangles as follows.

Then change Distribution > Mode to reference and add the surface to the reference objects list. Turn on Mesh Faces and a ush will be placed on each triangle. It'll still
randomise the geometry and transforms per face too.

You can see a short video about reference mode in Forest Pack 7 here

Alternatively, since you are placing items individually, you might find it easier just to use item editor mode:

I hope that helps,

that is awesome!  i might have to get used to creating triangles to put in rows of single bushes, but from what i can tell all i need to do is create a plane, split it into triangles and then i can shift-clone the triangle sub-object anywhere i want to put a single bush per mesh.  and i saw where you can do multiple etc...

this is not bad at all! i just switched to this in my current scene and it's working great!  i don't even have to worry about the size of the triangle.



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