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Re-use a surface as a scatter area


I have 2 small suggestions to make.

* I would like to be able to re-use a surface as a scatter area on a forest object so I can apply different distribution map/parameters.
For example I have a sphere distribution on a surface and I want to scatter the box on the same surface by using different parameters. I could do that by just duplicating the surface area instead of creating a new spline/paint area.
* Also I would like to be able to use the ALT key while painting areas for toggling between paint/erase mode instead of having to press the eraser button every time I need to remove an area.
Thanks in advance!

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll pass those over to the development team. I particularly like the idea of being able to toggle between paint and delete using the Alt key. The other suggestion would be quite a bit more work because at present surfaces are added in a different lister which doesn't give access to distribution map information. We'll think on it.



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