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reference mirroring not preserved


Victor Vlasenko:
Hi, here is what I mean:

far objects (groups) are just instances linked to point helpers, left point X-axis mirrored
close is forest pack linked to points with left one mirrored as well, but the object is upside down. And there is no way to place it correctly. If I enable horizontal mirroring in transform - it works for some of the buildings, but not an option as all objects are mirrored randomly.

New group handling is great so I decided to use it to place a lot of buildings, but some of them need to be X or XY mirrored and for now the only option is to clone those groups and mirror them and then use them as geo in forest pack. That is not too convenient considering that I need to keep a few more groups + proper names for references.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce it here. I've passed this along to the development team for further investigation.


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