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Caro S.

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Rendering large images in sequence
« on: July 21, 2016, 05:14:21 PM »
Hi everyone,

i am trying to render a soccer field with forest pack, 3dsMax 2016 and mental ray and run into a render problem that leaves me totally puzzled.

That's what we i am trying to do:
- real scale football field scattered with a forest LOD object out of custom grass clumps
- renderer: mental ray with distributed bucket rendering (using 11 other machines for faster render)
- forest pack version 5.0.5.
- image size 4096x4096
- a camera that rotates over 6 frames in 90-degree angles so I do get a cube map
- objects themselves are NOT animated in any way

Now, what is strange is that when I render in 2048x2048 every frame takes about 20 minutes. When I render 4096x4096 a single frame is only finished by 50% over night (~16 hours). But the super weirdest thing is, when I am not rendering the whole 6 frames of the animated camera, but only a single frame in 4096x4096 it only takes 2 hours. If you add this up the 6 frames should take only about 12 hours. Still 3ds max is not even finishing the first frame...

Did somebody experience something similar with Forest Pro?
Am I missing something totally obvious here?

Hope somebody can help. I tried almost everthing already but feel free to make suggestions :)