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I have a problem with one scene where the rendering process stops during final gather calculation. The "Computing final gather points"-bar shows 99,9% and the rendering process stops for several hours, but then it goes on with rendering and ends. First I had a resolution of 2400x1800. Normally a similar scene with some trees and lawn is rendered in 45min. The scene with the mentioned error had a rendertime of over 6 hours, that means the render process stops for over 5 hours. Now I wanted a final render of these scene with 4000x3000 points. The final gather calculation stops at the same point of 99,9%. This time after some hours the rendering was started again after some hours and backburner manager shows "Job failed...adapter error:ping task time error....Server out of cool off period...sendings instructions to".
As I read in other forums it may be caused through heavy network traffic. But I have only a workstation with a connected render machine. So my question is: Does foresst pack causes network traffic during the renderin process? I have installed ForestPack and the Laubwerk and HQPlants Packs locally on both machines, so that the data of the plants can be loaded locally on the render machine. Does anybody have a similar problem and how can I solve it. The curious thing is, that this behavior only occurs in one scene, other scenes have a contionous render process.
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Workstation: i7-3930K @ 3,92GHz 16 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P4000, Win7/64 Prof.
Rendernode: AMD Threadripper 2950x@ 4,10 GHz 32 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 550 Ti, Win 10 Prof.
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This problem is caused by V-Ray. Usually it's solved upgrading V-Ray to the latest version, although i'm not sure if the bug was fixed completely.

You can find several posts in the ChaosGroup forum regarding this issue.
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