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[REQ] Border Spline + VolSelect for splines


Would it be possible to add Itoo BorderSpline* in the future please? In addition there's a great need to delete some portions of BorderSpline in procedural way with some kind of ItooVolumeSplineSelect modifier which would allow to select multiple spline areas with volumetric gizmos.
*- I know there's a nice WallWarm plugin but it's not 100% right to be dependent on 3rd party tools.

Paul Roberts:
Hi -could you let me know a little what the Border Spline feature should do? There is our free Spline Offset plugin if that's any help?


Basically it creates a spline from open edges of the given surface in procedural way (spline will update whenever the source surface changes) .
Free DL:
MustHave feature for FP and RC, but it should be accompanied with Volume Select modifier for splines to turn off unwanted areas

Paul Roberts:
Ah - thanks for the clarification. I'll pass it on.


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