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Save particular items visibility\transformation state in Max's Scene States?

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Hi there! Very common problem: some concrete items are not sitting properly in the given Camera view and must be hidden\transformed. And then its generally a good practice to save the Scene State. Could the Subject ^^ be implemented in FP (at least in reference mode)? Any workarounds? The only solution I imagine is to create multiple forests suitable for given view, but it's faaar from ideal.

Paul Roberts:

Thanks for the question. I can see how that would be useful but unfortunately, we have little control over the attributes that can be tracked with 3ds Max's Scene States feature. Autodesk publishes a list of properties that can be tracked in their documentation.

The best workaround I can think of is the one you suggest, i.e. to split the Forest object so that you can use states to toggle on/off visibility. If it helps, in items editor mode it is possible to separate and combine Forest objects using the options shown below.

In normal distribution mode, another option would be to add exclude areas that could be toggled on and off.

I hope that helps,

Paul thanks for reply. Detaching could is some cases help - thanks for the tip.
BTW I was talking about Scene States support, not State Sets (seen in your link).
Scene states allow to save (I'm not sure if  save = track?) much broader list of properties.

Paul Roberts:
I'm glad that helps. Sorry, I did spot that you mentioned scene states too but it is still unfortunately an aspect of Max that is outside of our control. I'm not sure there's much we can do to make FP trackable but I'll add your suggestions to our list for further investigation.


Theoretically, could I animate individual item's visibility? Visibility 0 in frame 1, visibility 1 in frame 2?


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