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Michal KarmazĂ­n:

This script will automatically add selected items & place them to source object's position. Use the Select Objects to pick all objects that should be inserted into the new "AutoForest" object. Than by clicking the AutoForest button, it'll create a new Forest object with all those objects with transformations corresponding to its "source objects".

Hope, it'll speed-up your work-flow, when this kind of task needs to be performed massively.

Best regards,


Paul Roberts:

This script looks in the scene to find instances of the objects in Forest Pack's item list. When it finds them they're added to FP, matching the position, rotation and scale.

To use this script:
- Create a new FP object
- Add an object/s to Forest Pack's items list, these are the things with instances in the scene that you'd like to convert to FP geometry.
- Change to Tree Editor mode
- With the FP object still selected, press Instance To Forest.

Here's a video of it working

Note that this is an early version. At the moment the Forest Pack object must be at the world origin (the script changes this automatically though). I'd also like to add the ability to append the instances (at the moment it overwrites the current scatter),an option to automatically find instanced objects and add one of them to the items list (great for automatically converting large scenes), and an option to delete the original instances once added to FP.

I hope it's useful for some people.

Many thanks!


Haider of Sweden:

A script that selects all ForestPack nodes, so that I can put them in a separate layer.

Paul Roberts:

You could use this line of code to select all the object in the scene:

select (for s in geometry where classOf s == Forest_Pro collect s)

Alternatively you could easily  select all the Forest Objects using Forest Lister. To do this:

1 - Hold down Control and click on the boxes in the first column of Forest Lister for all the Forest Objects you wish to select.

2 - Click the Select Objects button.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Many Thanks,



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