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--- Quote from: 3DFLOW on June 28, 2021, 07:55:18 PM ---any way to add "forest edge" to selected material slot or materials of selected geometry? (And if opacity map is present, use it as a subfile still?) - We're clicking alot to handle these on alot of distribution objects :)

--- End quote ---
This functionality is built in Material Optimizer. You can find it in {Material} rollout.

That Toolbox script is awesome! :)
Do you think you could add a feature to batch turn the display "Manual update" on and off?
We've noticed that having manual update turned on speeds up viewport performance, so we're using it a lot, especially in big scenes with dozens of Forest Packs.

Best regards,

This toolbox is an amazing timesaver! Thank you for such a great work!

Is there any way to add Random Select tool for Custom Edit mode? It can be based on the percentage of the elements/objects in Forest Pack.

Recently we started to use Forest Pack 7 to scatter lights for large scenes and very often need randomly selects lights within FP to replace or delete random lights to add more natural variation. And having Random Select option will help a lot to speed up the process.


I have some humble request for Toolbox (or it could be a standalone silent script) . This would allow faster reference creating\updating:
Create (or replace) reference objects in the selected Forest object with objects in existing selection set called 'SelSave'*
This selection set is generated with genius Save Restore Selection script  from free
Kstudio scripts pack (aka TrackScripts). Highly addictive script - once you try it you  can't live without it.
Thank you for attention

Paul Roberts:

Thanks for these suggestions. The member of our team who was developing the toolbox has moved on to new pastures, but we're taking all this into consideration and hopefully we'll be able to look at it soon.

Many thanks,


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