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Just to add another suggestion.
Can we have a global "Max Items" spinner for viewport display?
Thanks in advance.

Florian Albert:
Hi Paul,

your Script seems realy intersting to me! Its almost exactly what I am looking for. I need to scatter lots of objects and later export them to a realtime application (Autodesk VRED). Now the tricky part:

1. each scattered object has to be grouped and instanced.
2. The transforms (Position, Rotation, Scale) must be written into the Groups but not in the Object/Geometry itself.

If I use your script and select one grouped Object it is instanced and position-, roatation- matched very well, but all instances are still parts of the source groupe. I need the Groups to be copied/instanced too – so I get x instanced objects in X groups. Or in other words: instead of „instance lights on Forest Pack items“ I need „instance Groups on Forest Pack items“. Maybe it helps if you know that I do not need to distribute Groups with more than one Object… …maybe it seems to be illogical, but this is necessary because this ist the only way to get VRED recognizing the instances.

I hope you can help.
Many Thanks in Advance,


--- Quote from: Paul Roberts on August 03, 2016, 11:15:41 AM ---Instance lights on Forest Pack items

This script instances any object to match the position and rotation of items scattered with Forest Pack. It can be useful for distributing lights, splines, particle systems or any other non-geometric object that it not able to be scattered directly with Forest Pack

To use this script:
- NOTE: To return correct transform information, Forest Pack object must be scattering custom geometry, not using one of the built in billboard templates.
- Press the "Pick Object to instance" button and choose the object you'd like to instance, for example a light
- Make sure a Forest Object is selected.
- Click "Instances to Forest"

The new instances are created with a combination of the source object and the Forest object's names. To delete these.

- Make sure the source object is chosen using the "Pick Object to instance" button
- Select the FP object
- Click delete instanced objects.

Note: Because the delete function is using the names of the FP object and the source object you should not change their names if you would like to use the delete function.

I hope it's useful for someone.

Many thanks!


--- End quote ---

Paul Roberts:
Hello Florian, you might find you have more success using Forest Tools. It's a built-in utility that you can use to Convert a Forest Object to instances. Read more about it here:


Florian Albert:
Hello Paul,

many thanks for your reply!

I know Forest Tools but as far as I know it does not what I need. Unfortunately I need every single scattered Geometry to be grouped in his own Groupe. If I would do it by hand, workflow would look like this: Take a Tree, groupe it, take this groupe and Instance and transform (move,rotate, scale) it x-times as needed. If I use forest tools I get perfectly instanced but ungrouped Trees or all instanced Trees grouped in one only groupe.
I need to import the scatter in Autodesk VRED and VRED is recognizing the instances only if every scattered Tree is "transformfree" and the transforms are a property of a unique Groupe for each scattered tree.
If your Script would instance the grouped Tree, not only the Tree itself,  and match the position and rotation of items scattered with Forest Pack this would be working for us...



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