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RealViz Thanks for all Your suggestions. Keep them going, just please do not post this to Tutorials request topic.
Feel free to create new threads with Your ideas.


I have a proposition for the presets. I don't know if there is already a way to do it.
It can be great if you can import only selected part, as just the "distribution" or "surfaces" data for exemple. As this you it can be quick to repeat the same to all forest objects.

Is it possible to scale the Forestpack around the exclude spline?

and will there be an official FStorm support for the existing libary?

thanks in advance...

Yes it is possible:

Attached max file.

Fstorm materals, we're aware of FStorm and we're keeping a careful eye on it, As you can imagine we already support a lot of render engines and we have only limited resources, so we have to focus on those that are most popular. That said as FStorm progresses, if a critical mass of users is reached we'll certainly look into it. Thanks for your comprehension.

Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place. First time commenting on this forum.

I render using Vray GPU and have 2x 2080ti. So a total of 22GB to play with.
I have a project coming up that will have an incredible about of forest pack on a huge landscape..planting, grass, gravel, ponds..the works.

I've been looking online and I couldn't find anywhere a rundown of the best practices and techniques when using vray GPU with forest pack.

Obviously, I have limited memory and need to keep render times down (as much as possible).

So, I guess I’m just looking for tips and tricks to make sure I don’t run out of memory Midway through the project and more sure I’m not rendering for a week haha.

Hope that all makes sense and thanks in advance



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