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I suggest adding (some how) the ability to area exclude entire layers from forest: what ever object drops in a specific layer/s I want will be excluded from distribution.
This way it will be possible to to exclude many objects without ever opening forest.

Not sure if this would be possible in RC or FP but I've been populating parking lots and roads with cars for a while now but would like to be able to keyframe animate them but have them still glue to the surface.  I know this is possible with CivilView but I've already developed a fairly large library of vehicles for FP.

Is this possible; does this feature already exist; or is it entirely not possible with either plugin?


Paul Roberts:
Hi Tanner,

At present it isn't possible to animate individual cars at sub object level however we have plans to overhaul some of these features of Forest Pack so we'll keep it in mind for a future release.

Many thanks,


Terri Brown:
Hi Forest Pack crew,

First off, thanks a mil for all the tutorials that you guys are constantly churning out. It is such a useful resource, and super clear and informative. Hats off and thanks again for helping us master the plugin.

I often have this rock wall to model - the volcanic stone is prolific in Mauritius so it's more often than not included in my workflow. I have tried many different methods to create the wall with geometry, and would love to use Forest Pack in the process. If you could show us how to go about this I would be eternally grateful. (the trick is in getting all the rocks to align in their grouting without leaving gaps inbetween).

Thanks a mil,

Paul Roberts:
Hi Terri,

Thanks for the suggestion. I've added it to our wish list.




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