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Toolbars resets everytime

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Hello there, since a couple of 3ds max versions, some Toolbars resets everytime that 3ds max opens, I have used a Reg file from this forum that deletes iToo toolbars, so I have created my own, the thing is, is there another wat to prevent this?

Same question here also, I customized the toolbar, saved it (.cuix files) but everytime i open 3dsmax it resets and i have to load the file everytime to get the customized toolbar

I'm sorry, but we could not solve the problem of toolbars resetting.
As discussed in the other post, the only way is to disble them using the registry trick, and create a customized toolbar using the iToo actions.

If same problem happens with the customized toolbar, i'm afraid we cannot help with that. It seems a Max issue.

Thanks for the reply Carlos, like I said, I've used the Reg Trick and create my own Toolbar, so my next question is, how can I restore the old Toolbars? Reinstalling the Plugin solve this? this is in case I want to restore everything.

Best Regards
Carlos Rodriguez

Please use the 'EnableToolbars.reg' attached below.
In case anyone needs it, i include the registry for disable as well.

Be sure to restart Max after applying it.


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