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Can you update the docs with the Unity package link please.

In point 2 in this link, it just says to get it from the Itoo Software website, but where?

These links, also still do not work, even though FP7 is out for a while already:

Right now though, just a link to the latest Unity package please....

Also, is the Railclone import package available yet for Unity?

Paul Roberts:
Hi Morne,

Thanks for the comments. I've updated the docs with a link to download the package from this link:

I've also redirected to the documentation page for now. Thanks for spotting that.

All the best, Paul

Thanks Paul

That is the original released package right? From what I could tell, the Package is based on code for 2019. I would have thought that something would have at least changed since it's initial release 6 months ago... Especially since Unity has already released 2020.3 LTS and also the TECH stream of 2021.1

Paul Roberts:
Hello Morne,

I've just updated the download with our latest package. You can get it here:

There are just a few changes including a bug fix for a scaling issue and materials are now extracted to /assets/materials.

Thanks for your continued interest in this add-on, and we apologise that development for it has slowed down a little as we search for a new Unity developer.

All the best,

Thanks Paul


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