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Unity script feature request


Hi Team

Would be awesome if I could swop out the source FBX models for other prefebs in Unity

The trees from Max can get very heavy quickly in Unity, so I would use premade trees with various LODS and when I imported the FP object in UNity, would swop the heavy trees for lighter versions (or for any other Unity prefeb I prefer)



The Unity script just imports a Forest distribution in the scene, from a XML and FBX file.
But once imported, the script has not any effect. You may edit the Unity scene, replace the Forest mesh for you own assets, add LODs or change what you like.

How exactly do you exchange FBXs in an imported forest object?


FBX is the file we use to export from Max to Unity, but you can use any native mesh in Unity, once Forest is imported.

A simple procedure, assuming a single mesh by Forest object, would be:

- Drag the FP asset to the Unity scene.
- In the Hierarchy tree, you can see the Forest asset as 'fp1'. Expand it.
- For each Forest item, there is a 'fp1(Clone)' element. These are the Forest instances. Select all of them.
- In the 'Inspector' window, check the 'Mesh Filter' section.
- Click the circle icon (just to the right of the Mesh name), and pick the Unity mesh you want to use. All items will be updated with the new mesh.

Probably there are other ways to do it, but unfortunately our Unity knowledge is limited.


I'll give that a try.



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