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Author Topic: Use of material optimizer  (Read 697 times)


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Use of material optimizer
« on: June 14, 2021, 09:34:04 AM »
I want to become clear of the use of the material optimizer. As I understand it, material optimizer is only applied to the one selected forest object when working in the modyfy panel. If I want to optimize all materials for all all forest objects I have to select all forest objects for example with the "select by name" tool and then open the "Forest tools" and apply the optimizer here. Is this the right way? I would make a suggestion: after optimizing a blue progress bar is shown at the bottom. If the bar is full I think the optimizer has done it´s work. But in some cases i cant close the window suddenly. It sometimes take some seconds more, so that I think the optimizer wasn´t ready yet. Could you please add a "Close" button to this window which is greyed out as long optimizer isn´t ready? Or should it be ready if the blue bar is full and there are other problems with my installation?
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Re: Use of material optimizer
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2021, 10:27:43 AM »

If you want to apply Optimizations on multiple forest objects then You can do the following:

1. Select 1st forstpack object,
2. Pin Selection object
3. Select all forest Pack objects
4. Press Optimize Materials
5. Chose settings and press "Optimize"

We will edit optimizer a bit, so progress bar resets if You do optimization again. Now it does not reset progress bar if You press Optimize more than once one the same object.

Hope this helps.