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Author Topic: VRay fog compatibility  (Read 1230 times)


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VRay fog compatibility
« on: August 14, 2014, 12:27:29 AM »
I'm creating a scene where I have a bunch of crystals as custom objects. And they are scaled and rotated, and colored using several maps. I was able to get each scattered object to be assigned a solid color using the Forest Color override, where I apply my diffuse map to the "Get Color from Map" slot, and setting it "As texture on Surface", with Variation all the way to Element, and Blending Mode to Normal (just like in the football field tutorial). This works great if the crystals were going to stay non-transparent.

The problem arises when I apply this map to VRay's Fog color in the Refraction tab, which is what you'd use to make colored glass, gels, and in this case, crystals. I can only get VRay's fog color to see the Default map/color in the Forest Color map. It doesn't care if the Override is checked and you have a map assigned (it won't even see colors or maps from the other map slots if you fill those in, only the default color/map). Has anyone ever got the Forest Color map to work in the Fog slot? Is there something possibly that I missed that would get it to work?


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Re: VRay fog compatibility
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2014, 12:53:57 PM »

I´m afraid, that actually there is no workaround for this. In case of VRay's Fog color the shader doesn't get the base object information, so the Forest Color can't be evaluated. Not sure if VRayMtl is designed like that by some technical limitation, or it's bug.

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