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Vraydistancetex used as mask for displacement - not working

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I'm using the above setup. I have a composite displacement map with multiple displacements affecting different areas of a fairly large terrain.

I also have a road going through the terrain. I'm using vraydistancetex to graduate the ground displacement up to the road. This works with the displacement but the effect - follow displace surface (vray) is not working completely. When I use the vraydistancetex as a mask it is looking like it is completely ignored.

Any ideas why this is happening? Is it because it is only a render time effect? Would there be another way of doing this?

I've just found this topic. I'm guessing this is the same issue. I've made sure that the forest object is set to 0,0, already was, so I still have the problem.*)/follow-disp-surf-not-working-with-vray-distance-tex/

Here is an example of one of the masks used in the composite for the displacement.

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

Please try using the attached version of such an Effect - it's using fpItem.position instead of fpItem.distUVW. I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Thanks. This seems to have resolved the issue with the vraydistancetex but now I have items floating above the ground level further away which weren't floating when using the standard follow displacement (Vray ) effect.


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