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Author Topic: Want to know about cloning, recreating, grouping,changing trees. Please again.  (Read 1130 times)


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I really want to know about these, I would not like to guess about these.
1. I clone the forest via Maxscript command "TGT=copy $forest001 ;"my Copied forest"". So all the setting including sample objects, spline objects, aera objects, random seed, and etc all should be the same as the object named "forest001" exactly . Just copy it in place, DO NOT MOVE ,ROTATE OR SCALE IT A BIT.
My question is: Will I get exact the same forest in my copied object "my Copied forest" ?  Especially, the forest random color and the position , rotation and scale of each tree.

2.For example, I create a new forest object named "forest002". Do all setting manually. Then each setting of (all source objects and all value) forest object will be the same as the setting of " forest001". Will I get the exact the same Forest in "forest002" ? Especially, the forest random color and the position , rotation and scale of each tree.

3. If I group all the related objects of my forest object such as spline objects, surface objects, collision objects and etc except the sample tree objects, can I move or rotate the forest without changing the forest a bit (the forest random color and the position , rotation and scale of each tree exactly the same) ?

4.When I change the sample tree objects(for example, A tree and B tree are changed to C tree D tree),  will the transform (the position , rotation and scale of each tree) of all the trees change a bit ? This is very important for my animation shots.

All the question are about Grenerate mode not Custom edit mode in Tree editor.
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1. Yes, both Forest should be identical.
2. Yes. Random values are computed starting from the position of each item and the General->Seed value. In this case, you should get the same result.
3. Yes, as long as you move the splines and surfaces with the Forest object, random values are not modified.
4. You can replace custom objects safely, except when using collisions because object's size may change the distribution.

Although i've tested the above using some basic tests, please note that Forest has tons of features, so i cannot test each possible combination. If you find some case that generates different random values, please tell us.
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