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wishlist: visible difference between non-generating forest icons by cause


So here's the thing, we use a boatload of forests in our scenes.
We also use limit to camera a lot.
But a forest that is limited to camera and NOT seen by said camera has the same Forest Icon as a Forest that is not being generated because it's broken.
And with broken I mean it has no items, or it's set to surface but the surface is deleted etc.

It makes troubleshooting difficult if Forest not generated 'on purpose' look the same as broken ones.

Is it at all possible for you guys to determine the cause of a forest not being generated ? and if so, would it be possible to then give the forest icon a color based on that cause.

I would already be happy if the one not generated because of cam-limit would be green and everything else the current orange.
It would be bonus if the Icon would become red if the reason is 0/missing all items or area or surface.

Just some 2 cents on the matter.

Thanks for your suggestion. It may be a nice improvement.

Added to the wishlist.

Maybe it would be better to not only change the color, but maybe add the FP status text. Better for a beginner to navigate. For those of us in the know it's kind of useless, but for a newbie....

Status text is already available at General->Forest Stats. I guess adding it to the viewport may be intrusive.

In fact, Forest Lister also includes a colored icon to indicate the status, and you can open 'Forest Stats' clicking it.

Yes, for us the change of the icon colour is almost irrelevant. I was just adding a suggestion if something is going to change.
We just use F.Lister.


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