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Author Topic: Slow rendering with Beta 601b and VRay Adv 3.60.04 and FP lawn presets  (Read 3015 times)


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I had problems with Forest Pack Pro 541 and VRay 3.60.04. When a Forest Object ist selected and I hit render, MAX hangs sometimes after a render job is sent with backburner. As I came from Mental Ray and the same error existed there I think, that it was a problem of MAX, not of Forest Pack. Nethertheless the problem is gone after I switched to FP Beta 601b. My problem now is, that I have very long render times if a grass preset is in the scene. With some plant objects, for example form HQPlants all is normal. Render time is without these objects (test scene) 18min and with 3 HQPlants in it 20min. But when I render a grass preset from the new installed FP libraries (a render region half filled with grass) the render time rises from 7min to 28min. Is there any switch which I forget to push? When I render grass with my previous version of FP (541) and the same VRay i didn´t have this problems. What can I do for quicker rendering. I hope there is a easy adjustment like the  "use placeholder ojects" in Mental Ray.
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Re: Slow rendering with Beta 601b and VRay Adv 3.60.04 and FP lawn presets
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2018, 09:37:55 AM »
Hi, are you using the "Large" or "Detail" grass preset ? 
Please note the Detail presets are designed for small areas, and it may generate a huge distribution when applied to large surfaces.

I just done a quick test here, and render times seem correct (FP 6.0.1, Max 2018, V-Ray 3.60.04).
Please, send us a test scene so we can render it here and compare. You can try also rendering one scene of our tutorials.

Also indicate us what Max version and service pack do you use.

Carlos Quintero
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