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3dsmax 2021


Ken Turner:
Can i install the 2020 forestpack and railclone plugins under 3dsmax 2021 ? Or do we have to wait for an update ?

According to the Ad Info http://makeanything.autodesk.com/3DSMAX/landing-25B1-1977P.html?fbclid=IwAR1QLNh4mnuwNb_9GaIo6UnuLJk_095U9lzzou6fpJOm13JpBgacmruJYlg
'3ds Max 2021 supports plugins compiled for 3ds Max 2020, giving users the freedom to migrate when they are ready, without worrying whether their preferred tools and plugins are available'

This seems to be 'mostly' true for the plugins I've tried but i want to hold off installing Itoosoft until you give the ok


Yes,- 2021 has no SDK break. So You can install current version with minor changes during install setup. Here is more info how.

Thank you.


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