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Can I use Railclone as a BIM tool??


Hi I am loving Railclone and its ability to create models exactly the way you would do it on site. My question is if I am using modules for everything like bricks and tiles and wall plaster can Railclone give me the information about how many tiles or bricks I need for a house fully created in 3dsMax? It will be a great help in avoiding BIM tools.

Paul Roberts:
Although you are able to see object counts Using RailCone Stats, these are global counts of all the geometry created by each generator and there's isn't currently a way to extract the kinds of detailed information and costing  you'd expect from a BIM application.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have further questions.

A segment counter and a Number of Segment calculator and operator would be a great help for someone like me who needs to give cost estimates for different rooms and exterior fa├žade to clients before the design gets finalized.

RailClone is an exceptional scene assembly tool. It's rule-based approach to modelling makes parametric layout accessible to VFX artists. From the most intricate detailing to planet-scale designs, RailClone has got you covered.FMWhatsApp


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