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Can't Associate Forum Account to Software Account


Emmanuel Stavroulakis:
Hi and thank you for accepting me to the forum.
I've created an account the forum and today I received the email confirmation, telling me that I'm accepted, but by browsing through, I realized that I was unable to to see images or attached files.
After reading https://forum.itoosoft.com/general-off-topic/can-t-post-can-t-see-attachments/msg38077/#msg38077, I tried to associate my forum account to my existing customer account, but I get the following error

Probably it's my fault, but can you please help solving this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Michal KarmazĂ­n:
Hi Emmanuel,

You should be able to associate any forum account with the "Pro" license account under User Panel - Forum - Forum Accounts, when logged in the "Pro" account. However, I have just granted "Pro" permissions to your forum account, so you now have full access to the Pro boards and should be able to post and download content from these.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Stavroulakis:
Thank you so much sir!

Best regards


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