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Setting up/configuring client computers
« on: September 30, 2014, 05:00:32 AM »
I'm new to Forest Pack Pro. I've installed the floating network license on my primary workstation, but am uncertain how to set up the client computers after reading IToo's instructions, which talk about configuring a client, but not how to  initially make another computer a client. I may be asking a very simple/dumb question but here goes. Do I have to  install FP Pro on the client computer in order to render my scene on the client computer? While doing so is that when I assign it as a client computer. If there are more thorough instructions for this please point them out for me, because I haven't been able to find them. Thx David

Michal Karmazín

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Re: Setting up/configuring client computers
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 09:57:38 AM »
Hi David,

The plug-in needs to be properly installed on all computers you'll use it.

The installation will depend if there is need of the "interactive" mode (create, edit, render) or the computer (render slave) will be used just in "non-interactive" mode (rendering assigned by service - backburner, distributed rendering or batch rendering - this service needs to be launched on computer with license).

In case of "interactive" mode, in the Select License Type window the Network/Floating License option should be marked (attaching screenshot). On the next window - Configure the Network License - it'll search by default for you License Server automatically, but for some network configurations it's better to set the network license to the IP / name of the server rather than finding it automatically. This can be modified later, using the "Change License Mode" wizard after setting Network license mode in Configure the Network License window (attaching screenshot).

Once the license will be needed, the computer will borrow it from the License Server.

All render machines can be used in "Render slave" mode with the license activated on the workstation as the network rendering nodes don't use any type of license. This is required only to edit or render scenes on interactive Max sessions. The setup program includes a custom option for render nodes - under Select Installation Type window choose the Render slave node (attaching screenshot).

From Forest Pack 3.9.2 above, the setup program supports unattended installations. All necessary information regarding the installation of Forest Pack can be found in our on-line reference guide (also Unattended Installation and installation of "Render slave node" mode). Also please note, that you can install Forest Pack on your render farm computers using the setup program, or copying files manually.

Just take in mind, that the rendering process needs to be started from the workstation with license (to assign job to render slaves using network rendering service). This way the render slave can render in "non-interactive" mode as the license is required only to edit or render scenes on interactive Max sessions.

Kind regards,